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Video: Managing Historic Grasslands in an Era of Climate Change

Talk from the American Public Gardens Association by Cornell University turfgrass specialist Frank S Rossi and Joseph Charap, community vice-chair, Urban Grassland Institute @ Green-Wood Cemetery

Historic urban grasslands include greenspaces of historic value designed for passive and active recreation in the human built environment. Urban grasslands such as cemeteries and parks present unique challenges to landscapes designed in the early anthropogenic-influenced natural world.

These grasslands now exist in a time of unprecedented environmental and social pressures that often require resilience that test the limits of infrastructure and maintenance. Participants will become aware of the major maintenance challenges of urban grasslands and key opportunities to expand the role of these landscapes in mitigating climate change in urban environments.

Our existing research at Green Wood will be discussed as a model public-private partnership designed to support research and education in urban grasslands.

The webinar does end rather abruptly.

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