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Insects and animals

Most insects who cross our paths are not pests. They serve useful roles including managing populations of pest insects. Through routine observations you will become familiar with insects living around your lawn. Do not consider an insect a pest until the number of individuals reaches a number that threatens the quality of your lawn.  More on beneficial insects.

If you then choose to treat, follow all directions on label and apply the treatment when the pest is most vulnerable. You waste time and money when a pest is not correctly identified or the product is applied at the wrong time of year.

Surface Feeders

Sod webworms (larvae)


Hairy cinch bug


Bluegrass Billbug (larvae and adult)


Black Cutworms (larvae and adult)

Underground Feeders

Lawn grubs feed underground on the roots of grass blades. Some examples:

Japanese Beetle (adult and grub)


Oriental Beetle (grub and adult)


European Chafer (adult)


Northern Masked Chafer (adult and larvae)

More grub information:


Animals like moles, skunks and crows dig in lawns to feed on grubs. Managing grubs is the best management strategy for grub feeding animals.

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