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Know Your Lawn

In New York and areas with similar growing conditions, most lawns contain a mixture of cool-season grasses and weeds. Click on the picture below to find out more.


Seasonal timeline:

  • Roots begin actively growing in the spring before grass blades green up. Cool temperatures and moisture are needed for growth to continue.
  • Grass blades green up and have a flush of top growth in the spring. Cool temperatures and moisture are needed for growth to continue.
  • Warm temperatures and lack of moisture in the summer slows growth. Grass blades may turn brown but likely the plants are not dead.
  • Grass blades green up with the return of cool temperatures and moisture. Top growth continues until the average daily temperature is consistently below 50°F. Over the  winter grass blades may turn brown but likely the plants are not dead.
  • Root growth continues to grow through the winter until soil freezes.

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