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Make Adjustments

Keep the mower blade sharp

Dull mower blades increase fuel use by up to 20% and shred the tips of grass blades. At the start of the season, consider taking your mower in for a tune up and blade sharpening. Throughout the season, check the appearance of your grass and mower blades. Look to achieve a clean cut on grass blades by sharpening mower blades at least once a season or when you see ragged brown grass blade tips.

View video: Sharpen Your Mower Blade 

Mow Grass Higher

Lawns cut lower than 3 to 3.5 inches will require more fertilizer and water.

View video: Adjust Your Mower Blade Height

Mulch Grass Clippings and Leaves

Grass blades are mostly water and nutrients. Leaving cut blades in place lowers fertilizer needs. A mulching mower is designed to finely chop grass blades and tree leaves so they may slip between growing grass to soil surface.

Lawn health is not compromised when tree leaves that drop on the lawn in the fall are chopped finely enough to slip between grass blades to soil surface. Chop dry leaves with a sharp mower blade when some grass is still peeking through throughout the fall.

View video: Mulch Your Clippings and Leaves 

Patch Weak/Bare Spots

If there is an empty space in your lawn, weeds will more rapidly invade it. Fill bare spots using a seed mixture of perennial rye grass.

View video: Patch Weak or Bare Spots 

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