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Cornell University ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 1 – April 16, 2018)

ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 1 – April 16, 2018)

From Frank Rossi, Associate Professor and; Extension Turfgrass Specialist:

Welcome back to our 19th season of the ShortCUTT (Cornell University Turfgrass Times) newsletter! We are grateful for the many years of support from the New York State Turfgrass Association. However, new funding sources allowed for the newsletter to be available to all turfgrass managers and interested parties in New York.

If you are a member of a Professional Association then you will receive them through your regular email. If you know someone who’d like a copy, get in touch with us at our Cornell Turfgrass Website @, our Twitter and Facebook pages @Cornell_Turfgrass, or by e-mailing our program manager, Carl Schimenti at

In this week’s edition,we discuss weather effects on disease pressure, annual bluegrass seedhead suppression, and pre-emergence herbicide application timing. We also get some thoughts from Soil Insect Ecologist, Professor Kyle Wickings, on early-season insect populations.

Looking forward to providing timely growing season information to those across the Northeast!

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