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ShortCUTT newsletter

Welcome to our 19th season of the ShortCUTT (Cornell University Turfgrass Times) newsletter!

We are grateful for the many years of support from the New York State Turfgrass Association. However, new funding sources allowed for the newsletter to be available to all turfgrass managers and interested parties in New York.

If you are a member of a Professional Association then you will receive them through your regular email. If you know someone who’d like a copy, e-mail our program manager, Carl Schimenti at


2018 Issues:

  • ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 10  – June 18) – Little rain, high evapotranspiration fueling dramatic shift to dry conditions.  Summer sports field management. Affordable equipment wash-pads.
  • ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 9 – June 11) – ABW stage updates, traffic and event management on athletic fields, nutsedge emergence, and tick education resources.
  • ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 8 – June 4) – We are now ahead of 30-yr averages in terms of growing degree days. Recent growth surges make it key to follow urban landscape BMPs. Dr. Rossi also discusses proper treatment of root borne pathogens.
  • ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 7 – May 29) – Warm and wet conditions have spurred turfgrass growth the last week in the Northeast. Dr. Rossi discusses how to handle this growth using science-based recommendations. In addition, he addresses the public’s concern relating to fertilizer use on turfgrass.
  • ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 6 – May 23) – With crabgrass emerging across the northeast, it’s important to know about its life cycle before treatment. Dr. Rossi discusses the window for crabgrass emergence and methods of control.
  • ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 5 – May 14) – A review of data-driven models and nitrogen sources.
  • ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 4 – May 7) – The compressed spring is starting to pose challenges, and latest reports from plant diagnostic labs.
  • ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 3 – April 30) – Dr. Rossi talks management of early season pests, and handling excessive athletic field traffic given the compressed Spring season in NY.
  • ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 2 – April 24, 2018) – Dr. Rossi discusses methods of “jump-starting” the system without the use of fertilizer, and has a conversation with Jim Skorulski on observed winter injury in the Northeast.
  • ShortCUTT Newsletter (Week 1 – April 16, 2018) – Weather effects on disease pressure, annual bluegrass seedhead suppression, pre-emergence herbicide application timing and some thoughts from Soil Insect Ecologist, Professor Kyle Wickings on early-season insect populations.
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